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              Street trees, and trees and shrubs for neighborhood yards 
              »»»  Introduction    »»»  Street tree lists   »»»  Yard tree & shrub lists  »»»  Reference readings 
              McKownville - Country Club Highlands Historic District
              »»»  Historic District description   »»»    proposal for McKownville Historic District  
              McKownville stormwater and drainage project      »»»   older drainage project documents 
              National Grid replacement of old gas supply piping  »»»   May 2020 online meeting video segments 
              Traffic calming, McKownville Reservoir park, ... 

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               - Emergencies, Utilities
               - Guilderland organizations
               - Town, County, State Government  »»»  McKownville legislative representatives
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     »»»  Neighborhood description   »»»  property information   -   assessment, zoning, planning studies, tax maps, house sales 
              »»»  2010 McKownville Drainage Study   
              »»»  original lot maps for some McKownville developments  
              »»»  maps of McKownville Fire, Water, Sewer, and Lighting Districts (1927-1969)
              »»»  documents and maps for the McKownville Water District property
              »»»  McKownville Reservoir and Park - documents and maps 

     »»»  History of McKownville    
              »»»  A summary of the older history of McKownville 
              »»»  A McKown family tree - descendants of John McKown (1722-1809)
                      »»»  McKown family origins
                      »»»  James A McKown, the McKown gravestones; Jackson Tavern

              »»»  McKowns and their hostelries near Albany NY, 1780's to 1820's
              »»»  photos with descriptive text captions for some older buildings of McKownville
                      »»»  site map extension below* 
              »»»  McKownville - Country Club Highlands Historic District
                      »»»  census, city directory, deed record information for houses in proposed NRHP area
                      »»»  compiled information 
                      »»»  example of use for older history of 1261 Western Avenue  
                      »»»  example of use for older history of 16 Elmwood Street   
              »»»  Historical highway marker for William (Billy) McKown 
              »»»  McKownville land forming the Gore; the Betty line and the Corporation line
              »»»  property deeds and transactions of the McKown family in McKownville 1796-1928 
                      »»»  William McKown property dealings 1795-1835
                      »»»  John McKown property dealings 1810-1870
                      »»»  James French McKown and son William McKown property transactions 1870-1930
                      »»»  McKown property transactions related to the Gore lots 1789-1870
              »»»  The Van Bael patent, the dispute, and allocation of properties 1789-1798 
                      »»»  Jan Hendrickse Van Bael biographical summary, and sources
                      »»»  The Normanskill people - LeGrange and Veeder families
                      »»»  The Coeymans Patent
              »»»  McKownville oldest houses; North side of Western Avenue;   South side of Western Avenue
              »»»  McKownville - builders and architects
                      »»» pictures of houses built by William C Witbeck
                      »»» pictures of houses built by Harold J Blessing
              »»»  McKownville - deed restrictions in the Pitkin-Witbeck development
              »»»  McKownville residential development - the alleys north of Western Avenue
              »»»  McKownville Fire Department - founding and equipment history 
              »»»  McKown Grove and Witbeck Park - outdoor recreation in McKownville 1896-1973
              »»»  Great Western Turnpike and McKownville 
              »»»  later history of Western Avenue and Route 20 in McKownville, from 1925
              »»»  McKownville before the mall(s) - local businesses and shops before about 1960 
              »»»  McKownville residents 1910-1940 - owners, managers, of businesses in Albany, Schenectady
              »»»  McKownville - name, attempts to rename, or form a village; annexations
              »»»  Where is McKownville? - maps of the area since 1866
              »»»  McKownville property and the State University of New York at Albany 
              »»»  ownership history of the "Holt-Harris property"
              »»»  old air photo views including parts of McKownville (1950, 1959-60, 1980, 1983)
              »»»  Flood events and dam breaks in McKownville
              »»»  Western Avenue flooding  
              »»»  McKownville water supplies;   McKownville sewer systems 
              »»»  Geology and geological history of McKownville 
              »»»  McKownville groundwater in the Colonie Sand 

*Site map extension for McKownville History web page:
 photos with descriptive text captions for some older buildings of McKownville
Houses and buildings that still can be seen           
     »»»  1188 Western Avenue, built c.1840 by William Amsdell, brewer 
     »»»  1245 Western Avenue, the oldest existing house in McKownville, built 1850 
     »»»  1 McKown Road, built by William McKown about 1887 
     »»»  McKownville Methodist Church, built 1898 
     »»»  1261 Western Avenue, home then of William and Caroline Knowles (photo c. 1898) 
     »»»  1421 Western Avenue, built by William H Witbeck about 1910
     »»»  10 Waverly Place, at that time the Methodist parsonage (photo c.1921) 
     »»»  1445 Western Avenue, residence then of Maria L Donehue (photo c.1929) 
     »»»  The old McKownville firehouse, opened 1935 (photo 1950's)

Buildings that no longer exist                                
     »»»  Nicholas Lane house (the old "20 Norwood") 
     »»»  1257 Western Avenue (photo 2004, just before demolition) 
     »»»  1438 Western Avenue, after the conversion to the Huckleberry Finn business (photo mid-late 1960's) 
     »»»  Thomas Woods house (interior photo 1966)
     »»»  Country Club Garage, 1238 Western Avenue (photo 1960's) 
     »»»  McKownville schoolhouse, corner of Schoolhouse Road and Western Avenue (photo 1961)
     »»»  1230 Western Avenue (Dr Helme's house) (photo Dec. 1958)
     »»»  Barnes Lodge (photo 1966) 
     »»»  McKown farmhouse on McKown Road (photo 1950) 
     »»»  Albany Country Clubhouse, probably taken in the 1920's 
     »»»  McKown Hotel and tavern, photo c. 1916 
             »»»   William McKown's wood water pipe system
     »»»  The farmhouse used by the Albany Country Club as the first clubhouse (photo c.1889) 
     »»»  Five Mile House, the tavern leased by William McKown 1787-1808 
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