McKownville Improvement Association
McKownville - maps of property and development lots

The property subdivision maps linked here (all are pdf files) are those in the Association's files. As can be seen, the collection is far from complete.
Some of the maps are not high quality, being dependent on the available paper (or microfilm) source copy.
Lots shown on each of the most recent of these maps, for the area it covers, are in most cases the same as on the present day Albany County tax maps,
now in digital form and available online. McKownville covered by maps: 52.04, 52.15, 52.16, 52.19, 52.20, 63.00, 63.07, 63.08, 63.12
However, most of the original maps show more information than just the lot outlines and numbers.

Lands of the heirs of Christian P. LaGrange 1881 (from copy made in 1921) [Fuller Rd to east; north parts of Parkwood, Glenwood, Norwood, Nicholas Ln, Barnes Lodge]
Drawer/Book 3, Map 146, filed April 4, 1881

McKown Hotel Farm 1903 as sold by William McKown to William H Witbeck 1907
Drawer/Book 25, Map 721, filed February 28, 1910

Western Boulevard Terrace 1909 (Silbur Land Co) [Arcadia and Hillcrest Ave]
Drawer/Book 42, Map 706, November 3, 1909

Country Club Highlands 1909
(William H Witbeck's subdivision) [some lots sold from this map on Norwood, and on north side of Western Avenue east of Waverly]
Drawer/book 25, Map 736, filed September 2, 1910

Country Club Highlands Revised 1912 (Arthur F Pitkin and Benjamin F Witbeck partnership subdivision) [south parts of Elmwood, Parkwood, Glenwood, Norwood, all of Waverly, north side of Western Avenue]
Drawer/Book 27, Map 808, December 31, 1912

Knowles Terrace 1917
Drawer/Book 46, Map 976, February 2, 1917

Charles Gimlick property 1921 [N side Western Ave E of Knowles Tr]
Drawer/Book 46, Map 994, filed January 23, 1922

Bloomingdale & Rasmuson property 1927 [Brookwood Ave]
Drawer/Book 61, Map 19, March 3, 1927

Three Hills Terrace No. 2 c. 1925 [Gaskill Ave]; Section 3

Country Club Highlands Second Revised map 1928 (Benjamin F Witbeck revision) [west side Elmwood]
Drawer 67, Book 67 (vol 3), Map 10, November 21, 1928
(this 1928 revision only affected lots on the west side of Elmwood; the alley was shifted 50 feet west, and the lots 297-321 east of the new alley extended from 100 to 150 feet long; lots 336-360 along Fuller Road, west of the new alley, were to compensate shrunk by 50 feet)
also Drawer 146, Book 146, Map 2768, June 18, 1951
(this map supposedly clarified that lots on the west side of Elmwood were extended to 150 feet length; the same change as the 1928 map)

Amended map of Elmwood Street Extension [north end of Elmwood]
Drawer/book 101, Map 1168, February 2, 1939

Garden Park Estates Extension c. 1938 [Providence, Mercer, Warren, Tracey Streets]
dated March 19 1938, approved May 20, 1942

Westlyn Court & Place  (on water and sewer systems map) 1944  [Westlyn Ct, Westlyn Pl]
Revised map of Westlyn Court ?c. 1945

Birchmont section 1 c. 1945 [E & W Dillenbeck]

Subdivision of lands of Regency Communities Inc Phase 1 [Wood St, part of Dillenbeck W]

Western Avenue Development Company Inc [Ayre Dr, Williams Ct, Short St, McKown Rd] c. 1947

Lands of William F and Emma Hein [McKown Rd] c. 1950?

Norwood Street Extension (Property of Catherine W Smith) [north part of Norwood]
Drawer/Book 145, Map 2750, March 7, 1951

Part 1 of Glenwood Heights [north part of Glenwood, east side]
Drawer/Map 146, Map 2794, August 30, 1951
Part 2 of Glenwood Heights [north part of Glenwood, west side]
Drawer/Book 148, Map 3015, October 8, 1952

Property of James J Smith [before subdivision of Parkwood W & E]
Drawer/Book 155, Map 3294, November 27, 1954
Map of Parkwood Homes
Drawer/Book 156, Map 3345, June 24, 1955
Revised map of Parkwood Homes [Parkwood W, Parkwood E] [drainage plan part of map]
Drawer/Book 157, Map 3379, September 12, 1955

McKownville Estates [E Highland Dr, Valley Ln] c. 1955

Portion of Ferry-Ziehm Development ?c. 1955 [Shady Ln, Oak Dr]

Woodscape Subdivision; Resubdivision c.1980

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