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McKownville is a residential neighborhood in the eastern part of the Town of Guilderland, now containing about 915 single family homes, including a few rental properties mostly duplexes and converted houses with four or fewer units. Some small business and medical office properties, and several larger commercial properties are located on the south side of Western Avenue, with some residential properties still resisting complete conversion of this side to business use. The large shopping center and office development of Stuyvesant Plaza and Executive Park is found on the north side of Western Avenue west of the Fuller Road intersection. Part of the main campus of the University at Albany, SUNY occupies an area of McKownville located east of Fuller Road, and north of the residential area which extends to near the town boundary with the City of Albany. About 87% of the total area of property in McKownville is used for non-commercial purposes.
Links in bold are to pdf documents on external websites; some of these are large files.

Information on the residential properties of McKownville
    can be found in documents available from the Assessor's Office of the Town of Guilderland:
    house sales 2014-2020    house sales 2017/07-2021/02   house sales 2019/07-2022/02  house sales 2020/07-2023/02  
     [McKownville house sales 2014-2023 extracted from these documents - sorted by street address; or by date of sale]
    residential inventory 2023
    tax rolls - 2023 final  2022 final   2021 final   2020 final   2019 final 

Zoning and Planning information
    zoning map   planning board zoning map
    interactive town property map
digital property tax lot maps [Albany County]; index map for Town of Guilderland E part
    McKownville covered by maps: 52.04, 52.15, 52.16, 52.19, 52.20, 63.00, 63.07, 63.08, 63.12 

Planning and Zoning Studies
    2010 McKownville Drainage Study   [link to file set on town website]
    2007 - extracts relevant to McKownville in Harriman Campus Transportation linkage study
    2006 McKownville Zoning Committee Report (Western Avenue Corridor) [transmittal letter] Appendices [A]  [B]  [C]  [D]  [E
    2005 - extracts relevant to McKownville in SUNY Albany Purple Path proposal
    2003-5 Guilderland Pathways Committee reports
    2004 NY Thruway Albany Corridor Study
    2003 McKownville Corridor Study   separate figures: [1-1 Sidewalks] [2-1 Trails] [3-1 Transit Stops] [Intersections: 4-2  4-5  4-7  4-8  4-9  4-10
         [link on Town website]
    2000 Town of Guilderland Comprehensive Plan  [Table of Contents]  [Executive summary]  [McKownville recommendations section]
         [link to complete file set on town website]

Older maps and documents for McKownville
    Guilderland zoning maps, Mckownville and adjacent area: 1971; 1996; 2018
    original lot maps for some McKownville developments 
    maps of McKownville Fire, Water, Sewer, and Lighting Districts (1927-1969) 
    documents and maps for the McKownville Water District property and easements to Stuyvesant Plaza     
    The McKownville Reservoir and Park - including documents and maps

McKownville geology and groundwater