1 McKown Road in 2018
1 McKown Road, a Queen Anne-style house, one of the few pre-1900 structures still standing in McKownville.
This house was originally built at the eastern corner of McKown Road and Western Avenue, and had the address of 1436 Western Avenue; in 1948-49 it was moved to its present location, replaced in 1950 by the utilitarian brick automobile service station still to be seen at this corner.

The house was built originally for William McKown about 1887; an almost identical house was built in 1890, the two facing each other across the intersection of McKown Road and Western Avenue (the other house, 1438 Western Ave, was destroyed in 1981).

This house in its original location was occupied by William McKown and his family (his first wife Lavina died in 1890, and his second wife Rachel in 1896). He and his two youngest daughters, Anna and Eva, lived in this house to his death in 1924; the two sisters continued to live here until they sold it, around 1947-8, and moved into the city of Albany.

Alfred Strassburg bought the house in 1950, after it had been moved onto its new foundation. He died in 1968; his widow Mary continued to live in the house into the 1990's. At present, it is divided into two rental units.

There are traces on the internet (including the Town of Guilderland GIS property map) that this house is on the National Register of Historic Places. It seems that it was proposed for entry, but that Mary Strassburg objected when the proposal was made in 1979, so it has never been included in the official register. It did get entered onto the historic register of NY State, however.

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