flooding on Western
      Ave 1974

Flooding on Western Avenue at Stuyvesant Plaza 19 November 1974
(the cars have changed since then, but the flood potential still remains)

McKownville Improvement Association

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                A summary of the older history of McKownville           A McKown family tree - descendants of John McKown (1722-1809)

McKown Hotel
        thumbnail McKowns and their hostelries near Albany NY, 1780's to 1820's 
        farmhouse thumbnailphotos with descriptive text captions for some older buildings of McKownville, past and present
thumbnail of 4 Norwood
        St McKownville - Country Club Highlands Historic District
Knowles house
        1261 Western Ave information for the older houses in McKownville
in and near the area of the National Register Historic district
[censuses, city directories, Albany County deed records]
(includes building dates, former owner/occupant names, deed book numbers, etc., before 1962)
        image McKown marker mockup Historical highway marker for William (Billy) McKown
Van Bael patent
        text clipThe Van Bael patent, the dispute, and allocation of properties 1789-1798 
        image map of the goreMcKownville land forming the Gore; the Betty line and the Corporation line  
        image W McKown willproperty deeds and transactions of the McKown family in McKownville 1796-1928
1421 Western Avenue
        thumbnail image
McKownville older houses - times of street development, the oldest houses on each street
North side of Western Avenue

1428 Western Avenue
        thumbnail image
McKownville older houses - times of street development, the oldest houses on each street
South side of Western Avenue

thumbnail image 8
        Glenwood StMcKownville - builders and architects
thumbnail image 1912 lot map CC HighlandsMcKownville - deed restrictions in the Pitkin-Witbeck development
Norwood-Glenwood alley
        thumbnail image

McKownville residential development
 - the alleys north of Western Avenue

          image 1957 McKownville fire engineMcKownville Fire Department - founding and equipment history
McKown Grove
          pool 1958 thumbnail image McKown Grove and Witbeck Park - outdoor recreation in McKownville 1896-1973
tollgate #1 thumbnail image
Great Western Turnpike and McKownville 
Western Avenue 1978 thumbnail image
later history of Western Avenue and Route 20 in McKownville, from 1925
Country Club Garage thumbnail photo
McKownville before the mall(s) - local businesses and shops before about 1960
          image 1938 BF Witbeck Motors Ad
McKownville residents 1910-1940 - owners, managers, of businesses established in Albany, Schenectady
USGS map
          1893 McKownville thumbnail image
McKownville - name, attempts to rename, or form a village; annexations
          image 2018 OSt map McKownville
Where is McKownville? - maps of the area since 1866
thumbnail image
          University at Albany campus 1995
  McKownville property and the State University of New York at Albany 
Holt-Harris house thumbnail image
 ownership history of the "Holt-Harris property"
1960 air photo Stuyvesant Plaza thumbnail
old air photo views including parts of McKownville
            1927 map thumbnail image McKownville water supplies
          image Western Avenue flood 1974
Flood events and dam breaks in McKownville
sewer map
          1950 image thumbnail
McKownville sewer systems
          image NYSM mastodont
Geology and geological history of McKownville
thumbnail image
            SUNY retention pond
McKownville groundwater in the Colonie Sand

Miscellaneous historical items

                 Fred B Abele's manuscript history of McKownville, written c.1980 - annotated text pdf
                    [contributed by Don Reeb; edited by W Kidd; in the McKownville Improvement Association files]             

                William B Embler's reminiscences of McKownville 1942-1969 - transcribed text pdf; scan manuscript pdf
                    [contributed by Steve Rider; in the W Mohr archive at the Albany Pine Bush Preserve]

                McKownville observed - McKown's Grove described in 1940 WPA itinerary
                    [contributed by Don Reeb]

                McKownville Improvement Association 8 April 1928 Knickerbocker Press feature article
                    - scan pdfs of pictures, text; transcribed text pdf
                    [contributed by Ellen Manning]

If you possess historical material on McKownville, and wish to have it added it to this website, please contact any of the Association officers or board members, who can connect you with the current webslave. Historical photographs, of people or of houses and buildings, would be especially welcome.

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