McKownville Improvement Association
McKownville - Delaware Engineering reports and maps of the water distribution pipes, and storm drains, and proposed replacement

The report and maps linked in this section are from a survey made in 2009-10 by Delaware Engineering on behalf of the Town of Guilderland, preparatory to making detailed plans to replace water main and house connection pipes in the area of McKownville north of Western Avenue, and to install a new system of storm drains and stub connectors for the same area, and a main storm drain under Western Avenue and down McKown Road to the Krumkill West Branch.

The draft report text document - McKownville Drainage Analysis (June 2010)
                                                  - Appendix C - Soil mapping
                                                  - Appendix D - Hydrological study
                                                  - Appendix E - Budget estimate
The maps:
                                                  - Appendix A - Existing conditions map  [map overlay only]
                                                  - Appendix B - Conceptual improvements index map  [all Appendix B maps, overlay only]
                                                  - Appendix B-1 - Conceptual improvements map NE area
                                                  - Appendix B-2 - Conceptual improvements map NW area
                                                  - Appendix B-3 - Conceptual improvements map SW area
                                                  - Appendix B-4 - Conceptual improvements map SE area
                                                  - Appendix F - Existing utilities map  [map overlay only]

A later report (2013) contains more specific recommendations for remediation of the drainage problems of McKownville

The draft report text document - McKownville Drainage Analysis (18 March 2013)
with maps:                                   map 1 - Existing conditions
                                                     map 2 - Proposed drainage district 
                                                     map 3 - Project area locations 

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