McKown's Hotel c.1916 McKown's Hotel c. 1916

McKownville Improvement Association

- Photos and brief descriptions of older houses and buildings of McKownville
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  Text captions on the linked pages with the full-size images contain more information about these buildings and their owners
                For historical context, there is a summary history of McKownville

Houses and buildings that still can be seen               link to Buildings that no longer exist (below on this page)
1188 Western
        Avenue thumbnail 1188 Western Avenue, built c.1840 by William Amsdell, brewer (in McKownville area annexed by the City of Albany)
        Western Ave thumbnail1245 Western Avenue, the oldest existing house in McKownville, built 1850
1 McKown Road
        thumbnail1 McKown Road, built by William McKown about 1887
McKownville Methodist Church thumbnail McKownville Methodist Church, earlier part built 1898
Knowles house
        1261 Western Ave tmbnail1261 Western Avenue, home then of William and Caroline Knowles (photo c. 1898)
1421 Western
        Avenue1421 Western Avenue, built by William H Witbeck about 1910
10 Waverly tmbnail 10 Waverly Place, at that time the Methodist parsonage (photo c.1921)
        Western Ave tmbnail
1445 Western Avenue, residence then of Maria L Donehue and May B Ryan (photo c.1929)
McKownville old
        firehouse thumbnailThe old McKownville firehouse, opened 1935

Buildings that no longer exist
Nicholas Lane house thumbnailNicholas Lane house (the old "20 Norwood") 
1257 Western Avenue thumbnail
1257 Western Avenue (photo 2004, just before demolition)
Huck Finn house
          tmbnail1438 Western Avenue, after the conversion from a residence to the first location of the Huckleberry Finn business (photo mid-late 1960's)
Country Club Garage thumbnail image Country Club Garage, 1238 Western Avenue (photo 1960's)
Mckownville School tmbnail
McKownville schoolhouse, corner of Schoolhouse Road and Western Avenue (photo 1961)
          Western thumbnail1230 Western Avenue (Dr Helme's house) (photo Dec. 1958)
Barnes Lodge
          thumbnail image
Barnes Lodge, photo taken in 1966
          Woods House interior 1966
Thomas F Woods house, interior photo 1966
McKown farmhouse tmbnail
McKown farmhouse on McKown Road (photo 1950)
          Country Clubhouse c.1910 thumbnail
Albany Country Clubhouse, photo taken in the 1900's
McKown's Hotel
          thumbnailMcKown Hotel and tavern (photo c. 1916)
old Country
          club farmhouse tmbnailThe farmhouse used by the Albany Country Club as the first clubhouse (photo c.1889)
          Tavern map thumbnailFive Mile House, the tavern leased by William McKown 1787-1808

If you have any historical items on McKownville, photos or text materials, and wish to see them added to this website, please contact any of the Association officers or board members.
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