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- McKownville - contractors/builders in Country Club Highlands - William C Witbeck

William C Witbeck was the youngest of William H Witbeck's four sons.
He bought the lots for, and built and sold on immediately these six houses in the Country Club Highlands subdivision:

1451 Western   - 1915                                             4 Waverly  -  1916  [possibly a Sears kit house]   3 Glenwood  -  1916
1451 Western Avenue4 Waverly Place3 Glenwood St

1449 Western  -  1917                                            10 Waverly - 1918 - Methodist parsonage to 1968      1 Glenwood  -  1919
1449 Western Avenue10 Waverly Place1 Glenwood St

and in 1913 he had bought two of the lots later used for 9 Waverly, but sold them to Harold Blessing in 1922.
He moved to Schenectady about 1920, and was manager of the Witbeck automobile dealership there, selling Paige, and Jewett cars, through the 1920's.

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