McKownville Improvement Association
McKownville residents 1910-1940 - owners, managers, of businesses established in Albany, Schenectady

Listings and Advertisements mostly from city directories (year shown above each clipping)
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William Barnes residence Waverly Place extension 1909-1920.
  Albany Evening Journal proprietor, editor, 61 State Street; from 1916, the Journal Building, D&H Plaza, Broadway
  1912                                         1919                                               1923
1912 Albany
        Evening Journal Ad1919 Albany
        Evening Journal Ad1923 Albany
        Evening Journal Ad

Edwin F. Hunting residence at 1425 Western Avenue from 1913.
  EF Hunting Wholesale and Retail Druggist - 121 Central Avenue and 100-102 Lexington Avenue
  1914                                     1916                                                                      1936
1914 EFHunting Ad1916 EFHunting
        Ad1936 EFHunting

Benjamin F Witbeck residence at 1443 Western Avenue from 1914.
 Witbeck Bros. Inc 526 Central Avenue [Graham dealer]                  BF Witbeck Motor Corp 526 Central Avenue [Oldsmobile dealer]
  1930                                                                                                   1938
        WitbeckBros Ad                            1938 BF
        Witbeck Motors Ad

also William C Witbeck, Arthur W Witbeck residence later at 1421 Western Avenue
  Witbeck Bros. Inc, 18 Lafayette Street, Schenectady [Paige, Jewett dealer]
1925 Witbeck
        Bros Schenectady Ad

John J Haggerty residence at 1451 Western Avenue from 1916-1926
Accountant, Auditor, Tax Lawyer, 61 Columbia Street, Albany
          Haggerty 1923 city directory Ad

Charles R Parks, residence at 12 Waverly Place 1916-1926
treasurer, Helderberg Cement Co.
 1920                                           1923                                                       1929               
        Helderberg Cement Ad1923 Helderberg
          Cement Ad1929
          Helderberg Cement Ad

Charles H Wiedman residence at 1417 Western Avenue from 1919.
  Wiedman Bros., 515 Broadway, and 94 Central Avenue; the Broadway Theatre, and the Central Theatre
  1920                                                                       1924
1920 CH Weidman
      city directory listing1924 CH Wiedman
      city directory listing

John A Perkins residence at Waverly Place extension (formerly William Barnes "lodge") 1923-1934
 general manager, Cotrell & Leonard, 472-478 Broadway; (married to Katherine Leonard in 1918)
  1924                                                                      1929
        Cotrell&Leonard Ad 1929
        Cotrell&Leonard Ad
Gardner Cotrell Leonard essentially invented modern academic regalia and made his family firm pre-eminent
in the business of providing it (online articles here, here, and here); Katherine was his niece.

Herbert W Stickney jr residence at 1461 Western Avenue from 1928.
  Bacon, Stickney & Co. Inc., 650-660 Broadway, manufacturers and wholesale dealers in all kinds of coffee, spices, teas and molasses
        Bacon-Stickney Ad

Leonard J Klett residence at 6 Elmwood Street 1929-30.
  Franklin Klett Co. Inc. 226 North Allen Street, general manager
  1927                                             1930
        Franklin-Klett city directory Ad1930
        Franklin-Klett Ad

Clarence P Kimmey residence 1447 Western Avenue from 1924-1929
  sales manager 1925-, Righter & Sons coal merchant, 179 Watervliet Ave
  formerly manager, The Vermont Spring Water Company, 40 Beaver Street
  1914                                                                       1940
        Vermont Mineral Water Ad 1940 Righter
        Coal Ad

George Foll residence at 1437 Western Avenue, c.1916-1952
  Foll's Funeral Home, 434 S Pearl St
 1919                                                                      1924
G Foll
      undertaker 1919 city directory listing1924 G Foll city
      directory listing
Louisa Stittig residence at 1437 Western Avenue from 1913 (m. G Foll 1915)
 Stittig's Confectionery, 222 S. Pearl Street
  1912                                                                       1914                                                                        1915                                                                   
      Stittig Confectioner city directory listing1914
      Stittig confectioner city directory listing 1915
      Stittig Confectioners city directory listing

Roger H Briggs residence at 10 Elmwood St from 1932
(1930 city directory) 1930 RH Briggs
        city directory listing

plant manager, Wagar's Ice Cream, 198 Quail Street
 1930                                           1940
        Wagars Ice Cream Ad 1940
        Wagars Ice Cream Ad
Wagar's confectionery and ice cream business started in Troy

Byron S Snowden residence at 8 Elmwood Street from 1929
transportation manager, Fro-Joy Ice Cream (General Ice Cream Corp.), 710 Eastern Avenue, Schenectady
  1930 (from Albany directory)                                   1935 (Schenectady)
        Fro-Joy Ice Cream Ad  1935 Fro-Joy
        Ice Cream Ad

George H Levens residence at 4 Elmwood Street from 1932
(1940 city directory) 1940 city
        directory entry GH Levens
vice-president (by 1940), Hosler Ice Cream Company, 228-240 Spruce Street, Albany
Hosler Ice Cream
        Co advert 1940

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