McKownville Improvement Association
- property transactions of James French McKown and son William McKown 1860-1930

James French McKown was the second son of John McKown, and assisted his father running the family farmlands, and became owner of parts of them in the 1860's. To pay John McKown's debts after his death, some of his retained land was sold, to his eldest son William J. McKown, who lived much of his adult life in Oneida County. James French McKown sold some smaller pieces of his own land through the 1870's, but most of his real property passed on his death to his only son William McKown. William McKown in turn sold small parts of this land through the 1880-1900 interval, but most this remaining McKown property was only sold after his death in 1924.

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Transactions by James French McKown (second son of John McKown) up to 1876

Deed book, pagesa property Grantors grantee date date recorded
166; 179-80a pdf logo Ross Farm; 143¼ac John & Catherine McKown James F. McKown 1860-04-23 1861-01-07
166; 179-80b Gore pc1S; 12ac John & Catherine McKown James F. McKown 1860-04-23 1861-01-07
205; 361  pdf logo lot 4; 71ac John & Catherine McKown James F. McKown 1860-12-21 1867-01-21
208; 81-2  pdf logo Gore pcNE; 1ac Margaret Moak & Robert Moak James F. McKown 1867-03-22 [1867-04-02]
229; 350-52  pdf logo lot [5+?]; 93.96ac John McKown James F. McKown 1868-04-28 1870-02-17
229; 352-53  pdf logo house Beaver St John McKown James F. McKown 1868-04-28 1870-02-17
229; 354-55  pdf logo lot 4; 43.6ac John McKown James F. McKown 1868-04-28 1870-02-17
229; 356-58  pdf logo lot pt; 8.2ac
William J. & Lydia McKown James F. McKown 1868-04-24 1870-02-17
231; 306-7  pdf logo 2ac gore N side tpike§ James F & Sarah McKown Andrew Drumm 1870-04-01 1870-04-25
239; 217-22 pdf logo lot 2; 1101/3ac; gore 2ac James F. McKown (administrator*) William J. McKown 1871-01-26 1871-03-23
266; 96-7  pdf logo 5.85ac; 0.25ac Kill road?
James F & Sarah McKown Mary E Oliver
283; 287-8  pdf logo 23ac part of orig lot 4
James F & Sarah McKown Aaron N Oliver
288; 61-2  pdf logo 20ac part of orig lot 4 James F & Sarah McKown Hiram Carpenter
318; 83-5  pdf logo 1.6ac part of orig lot 4?
James F & Sarah McKown John Bert
289; 155-7  pdf logo 23.95ac
James F & Sarah McKown Caspar Smith
295; 330-1  pdf logo 59.52ac part of orig lot 5
James F & Sarah McKown Shubel Kelly
*John McKown died intestate 1870-02-06; letters of administration granted to James French McKown
§from the estate of Peter Hilton Jr (d. 1845)

Transactions by William McKown 1886-1924
Deed book, pages property Grantors grantee date date recorded
374; 31-2  pdf logo 23.95ac
Kasper and Margaret Schmidt
William McKown
374; 32-3  pdf logo 1.86ac
William & Lavina McKown
Kasper Schmidt
379; 5-6  pdf logo 1 acre gore William & Catherine L McKown (heirs*) Aaron Jennings 1886-12-01 1886-12-01
382; 215-6  pdf logo 4ac
William & Lavina McKown Augustus Ziemm
456; 290-1 pdf logo 4ac S side tpike William & Rachael McKown Henry & Mary Drumm 1895-04-03 1895-04-06
739; 212  pdf logo 2.4ac
William McKown Anna & Eva Floy McKown
*James French McKown died intestate 1880-02-15; his wife Sarah Ann McKown died intestate 1881-02-25; letters of administration granted to their only son William McKown

Transactions by heirs of William McKown 1925-1930
Deed book, pages property Grantors grantee date date recorded
739; 260-1  pdf logo 0.48ac
Executors of William McKown
John H Bloomingdale
1925-02-11 1925-02-24
739; 531-2  pdf logo 113.42ac Arthur & May Witbeck
Jessie McKown et al
774; 180-1  pdf logo 113.42ac
Jesse, Anna, Eva, Alexander & Viola McKown
Mary E Johnston
774; 224-9  pdf logo ~9.6ac
Alexander, Eva F, Anna, & Jessie McKown
Charles S Aldrich**
1926-09-08 1926-09-26
774; 348-9  pdf logo 143.25; 3ac
Executors of William McKown Caroline N & Margaret A Knowles
774; 360-5  pdf logo ~9.6ac
Alexander, Viola, Eva, Anna, & Jessie McKown Herbert W Best@ 1927-04-20
805; 241-3  pdf logo 1ac quitclm
Jessie, Anna, Eva, Alexander McKown et al@
McKownville M.E. Church
** This transaction appears to have been reverted, probably because payment was not made timely and/or sufficiently. The document also has annexed the text of a contract between William McKown and William J Knowles to purchase the Ross Farm and adjacent land; this became the purchase from the executors of William McKown by Caroline and Margaret Knowles.
@ These documents contain affidavits testifying to the relationships of various descendants of John McKown, and of James F McKown

William McKown property transactions 1797-1843
John McKown property transactions 1810-1870
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