10 Waverly Place in 1921
10 Waverly Place (and #12 beyond) - picture taken about 1921 (before #8 Waverly was built in 1923). [contributed by Ross Lazear]
Building of #10 was completed in November 1919 as the parsonage for the McKownville Methodist Church.
The Methodist Church required their pastors to move every three years, so there is a substantial list of former occupants.
The dedication ceremony was held 9 May 1920, and Leon B. Randall was the first pastor to occupy this house.
From 1940-45 it was rented out to Donald J Waldbillig;  in 1946 he moved next door to #12 Waverly (built in 1916), and #10 returned to being the parsonage.
The church sold it in 1968 and since then it has been a private house.
10 Waverly Place
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