McKownville Methodist
Mckownville Methodist Church, built 1898.
A church for McKownville was first constructed here in 1866, on an acre of land sold in 1865 for this purpose by John McKown (1787-1870). This first structure was replaced by the one pictured in 1898, the original church being converted to a residence. This white church gained an addition in 1928. A larger modern church just to the west was completed in 1960. The first congregation was Methodist Episcopal; in 1939 the church became the McKownville Methodist Church. A parsonage was built on Waverly Place in 1919, and the successive pastors occupied it from 1920 until it was sold in 1968. Mrs Ida Manville, resident of McKownville at 1438 Western Avenue, and later on Arcadia Avenue, was the organist here for 55 years, from 1896 to 1951. Historical information from a summary of a 1966 booklet compiled for the 100th anniversary of the church, in the W. Mohr archive held by the Albany Pine Bush Preserve [contributed by Steve Rider].
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