McKownville Improvement Association
McKownville - maps of the old water, sewer, storm drain, and fire district

The maps linked here (all are pdf files of the scanned images of old paper maps) are those in the Association's files.
They provide an overview of the changing boundaries, extents, and capacity of the McKownville infrastructure over the years represented.

Mckownville Fire Department boundaries 1927 
The title on the map suggests it was prepared for a petition vote on Village incorporation, but there are no other supporting documents found for this action.

Westlyn Court & Place water and sewer systems 1944 

McKownville Water system 1945 proposal 

McKownville Lighting District map 1946 

McKownville Water District boundaries 1949 

McKownville Fire District boundaries, hydrants, 1949-50 

McKownville existing sewer system 1950 

McKownville Fire District boundaries, hydrants, c. 1953
This a tracing of the same map as for 1949-50, with the addition of the NY Thruway

McKownville and Birchmont Water District map 1967 

McKownville Sewer District system c. 1956 (map drawn 1979)  [same map in greyscale scans]
this map has pencilled in Fire and Lighting District boundaries

McKownville Sewer District maps; new system 1969:
Sheet 12 - Western Ave-Arcadia-Hillcrest-Krum Kill 
Sheet 11 - Krum Kill past Gaskill Ave 
photomap (2011) of eastern part of sewer system with link from SUNYA Liberty Terrace dorm 
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