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RSS subscriptions, readers, etc - brief explanation

RSS feed iconA logo like this, or the RSS acronym image, indicates that the web page or the site provides a syndication service through an xml file included on the web server. As long as the website slave adds the titles, or a brief summary of new items to this file, corresponding to new paragraphs or pages published on the site, you are able to get this summary list of the items automatically, and see if there is anything new that interests you, without having repeatedly to check the website itself.
So for this website, when a new meeting flyer is posted, or an email announcement added, or a news item posted, the summary will be added to the RSS xml file list and you can obtain notification of this if you subscribe* to our RSS feed. Older items are removed so the list will probably contain no more than six to ten of them at one time.
There's a good explanation of RSS at  Gizmo's freeware page on What is RSS all about?

Some web browsers include an RSS reader; or you can perhaps add the RSS link for any site you wish to your bookmarks, and use that to view the list of items. There are add-on applications for Firefox and similar browsers which have enhanced capabilities for sorting, filtering and automatically updating the feed information from many websites.
Some email client programs (Thunderbird for one) also include an RSS reader.
Alternatively you can download a standalone RSS reader program. Another website page at Gizmo's freeware includes a list, with links to informative reviews, of some free RSS readers. There's another set of comparisons accessible at
*unlike email announcements, subscription to an RSS feed requires no sign-up, no email address, and is anonymous. It can be stopped (unsubscribed) whenever you want. There's no spam, and no ads, (at least until you access the actual web pages linked in an RSS feed list, if they host ads; there are no ads on
 The Gizmo's freeware page on RSS explains this clearly in the section "Why use RSS?"

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