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28 November 2023 - Message delivery delays
Dear McKownville neighbors: Over the past few weeks there have been significant delays in the delivery of some of the messages sent from the McKownville Improvement Association to our subscribers, and some messages may not have been delivered at all.
Our web host is working to resolve these issues and we hope that timely delivery of messages will soon be restored. In the meantime, we apologize for any confusion and inconvenience that may be caused by issues that are beyond our control.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

27 November 2023 - MIA Public Meeting Wednesday November 29
Town Supervisor Peter Barber will provide updates on the new Town website, the 2024 budget, and park and sidewalk improvements, as well as information about the Comprehensive Plan Update and the tree preservation committee.  Luke Rumsey, Director of Community Relations at UAlbany, will tell us about activities and projects underway on campus, and Albany County Legislator Mickey Cleary will fill us in on legislative accomplishments this year and priorities for 2024. Following the business portion of the meeting refreshments will be served and all are invited to stay and mingle with neighbors.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

26 November 2023 - Paving alleys between Glenwood and Parkwood Streets
Dear McKownville neighbors: The paving of the alleys between Parkwood and Glenwood Streets is now scheduled for Monday, November 27th. Biagio DelVillano from Delaware Engineering just got word from the paving contractor this evening that there is a last-minute schedule opening, and at this time of year it's especially important to take advantage of any day that the weather is favorable for completing the work.
If you receive this email before the paving work begins, it will be very helpful if you let your nearest neighbors know of the revised paving plan. It is also important that you avoid driving on the newly paved surface for at least a full day after the paving is completed.
Thank you very much for your patience.
If you have any questions please call or email Biagio DelVillano: (518) 610-2447 (mobile); (518) 452-1290 (office)
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

20 November 2023 - Paving of alleyway Schedule Change
Dear McKownville residents
Biagio DelVillano has just told me: We just heard from the contractor for the storm water project about paving of the alleyway. The paving of the alleyway has pushed to Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

19 November 2023 - More on paving of alleys between Glenwood and Parkwood Streets
Dear McKownville neighbors: Biagio DelVillano from Delaware Engineering asked me to let you know that you should avoid driving in the alleys for at least one full day after the paving is completed. This will give the asphalt time to cool and set up. All residents who customarily park in the alleys should park their cars elsewhere beginning early Tuesday morning. I let the Guilderland Police know of this circumstance so that cars parked overnight on the street should not be ticketed. If you have any questions please call Biagio at (518) 610-2447.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

18 November 2023 - Paving of alleys between Glenwood and Parkwood Streets
Dear McKownville neighbors: The paving of the alleys between Glenwood and Parkwood Streets is scheduled for this Tuesday, November 21st, weather permitting.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

13 November 2023 - Comprehensive Plan Update meeting November 14
Dear McKownville neighbors: The Comprehensive Plan Update Committee will hold a meeting on Tuesday, November 14, at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Board Meeting Room, Town Hall, First Floor. The public in encouraged to attend to learn about the work of the subcommittees and to participate in the public comment portion of the meeting. To review the agenda, and to read a draft summary of the work of the subcommittees, please click on this link:
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

29 October 2023 - Early Voting
Dear McKownville neighbors: Early voting ahead of the November 7 general election began yesterday
and will continue through Sunday, November 5.  The polls will be open at the following times: 
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday & Wednesday: Noon to 8:00 p.m.
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Further details and a list of early voting sites may be found here: 
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

23 October 2023 - McKownville Fire Department public meeting Wednesday, October 25, 7pm
On Wednesday, October 25, the McKownville Fire Department will host a public meeting to inform residents about proposed plans for a new firehouse and how the department will operate during the construction period if bonding for the project is approved by residents via a referendum.  The meeting will take place at the firehouse, 1250 Western Avenue, beginning at 7:00 p.m.  A second public meeting will be scheduled for a date yet to be determined.  The firehouse and the department’s volunteers play a vital role in our neighborhood and these meetings will provide an excellent opportunity for residents to become informed about the proposal. [McKownville FD website]
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

22 October 2023 - Meeting this Thursday, October 26, 7pm at Hampton Inn
Dear McKownville neighbors: I hope you will join us at the Hampton Inn on Thursday at 7:00 pm.
Town Supervisor Peter Barber will begin the meeting, with information on the Town’s intentions to enlarge exemptions from Town taxes for eligible seniors and persons with disabilities on limited incomes; updates on the Comprehensive Plan Update; the 2024 budget; the Highway Department’s leaf pickup schedule; the opening of the new EMS station, and coming parks improvements.  The remainder of the evening will be devoted to a “Meet the Candidates” segment, during which candidates for Town offices will introduce themselves and answer questions from the audience.
meeting announcement flyer: [pdf page]
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

9 October 2023 - Fundraiser for the Guilderland Food Pantry, Tuesday October 17, 6pm
Dear McKownville Neighbors: On Tuesday, October 17, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Christ's Church is hosting 'Taste of Guilderland', an event to benefit the Guilderland Food Pantry.  Many local restaurants and other businesses have donated food for tasting and items for raffling.
Both the church and the food pantry are located at 4 Charles Boulevard, off of Rt. 155.  Tickets sales close at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 15th. To purchase tickets, and for further information about the event and the Guilderland Food Pantry, please click here.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

19 September 2023 - Lawn restorations, CPU meetings, and MIA meeting this Wednesday
Dear McKownville neighbors: Today Biagio DelVillano from Delaware Engineering let us know that beginning on Wednesday, September 20, American Evergreen will begin topsoil and seeding work associated with "backing up" the newly placed asphalt on streets in the McKownville Stormwater Project area. The work will more than likely be performed sporadically as the contractor's schedule and the weather allow.
Also, subcommittees working on the Guilderland Comprehensive Plan continue to meet, and all Guilderland residents are invited to attend. The Neighborhoods and Housing Subcommittee will meet this evening from 5:30 to 7:30 in the Westbrook Room at the Guilderland Public Library. All meetings are posted on the Town website.
Finally, I am looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow evening at the Hampton in for our first MIA meeting of the fall season.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

18 September 2023 - Meeting this Wednesday, September 20, 7pm at Hampton Inn
Dear McKownville neighbors: I hope you will join us at the Hampton Inn on Wednesday at 7:00 pm.
Town Supervisor Peter Barber will begin the meeting with announcements on a variety of topics,  including Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day, the Farnsworth Middle School recycling event, improvements at our Town parks, the Town's 2024 budget process, and the Guilderland Comprehensive Plan Update.
Next, Amanda Beedle, founder of Caring Closet - Guilderland, will speak to us about how the organization helps Guilderland school students in need, and a special event coming up on October 21st.
Representatives from the McKownville Fire Department will update us on progress that is being made toward modernizing and expanding  the firehouse.
Finally, two MIA volunteers are serving on subcommittees for the Guilderland Comprehensive Plan Update: the Neighborhoods and Housing subcommittee, and the Environment, Climate Change, and Resiliency subcommittee. During the latter part of the evening we will welcome your ideas as to how the Town might best go forward with planning Guilderland’s future in these important areas, and any others which might particularly affect McKownville.
You may find a link to the meeting announcement here
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

23 July 2023 - Thanks for recent assistance from the McKownville Fire Department and the Town of Guilderland
Water from the frequent and heavy rains over the past few weeks has saturated the ground in many of our yards, and last week volunteers from the McKownville Fire Department worked for hours pumping water from the basements of a number of homes in our neighborhood.  We thank the members of the McKFD for their continual dedication in ensuring our safety and wellbeing, as well as the employees of the Town of Guilderland who responded to emergency calls.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

22, 23 July 2023 - Bear(s) in the neighborhood
Dear McKownville neighbors: Apparently this is not the first time that bears have been seen in that area this month, and a neighbor on E. Highland Drive reported seeing a bear on her street at 7:30 this Sunday morning.
In order to encourage the bears to move on to a safer and more natural habitat for them, it's important that we discourage them from staying in the neighborhood as much as possible. Removing bird feeders for now, and wherever possible, storing trash bins in a garage or shed, are recommended.
Dear McKownville neighbors: Twice over the past couple of days a young bear has visited a yard on Fuller Road. Animal Control and the Guilderland Police have been notified. We hope that the bear and its mother will safely move on, but in the meantime please take in any bird feeders you may have in your yard and make sure your trash is secured in a garage or shed.
Pictures provided by Paul Scoville who lives at 303 Fuller Road. Click on either image for larger view.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association
cub at 303 Fullercub at 303 Fuller

21 July 2023 - Message from the McKownville Fire Department
Dear McKownville neighbors: Please see the following message from the McKownville Fire Department.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association
Hello Neighbors, We at the McKownville Fire Department wanted to reach out with couple of friendly reminders.
Recently, as you all know, we have had some pretty wet weather.  If does not seem like it's going to stop anytime soon, with more rain in the forecast.
We want to encourage everyone to check your basements to make sure they are dry, and to check that your sump pumps are in working order.
Additionally, when large scale storms arrive and we have roadway flooding, do NOT drive or walk through standing or moving water.  There are numerous reasons why this is not safe.
As always, McKownville FD and its members will always be here for the residents of the district and we are just a phone call away! Thank you,
Mike Costabile, Chief of the Department
McKownville Fire Department 518-489-4340

21 June 2023 - Unveiling of the roadside marker for the McKownville – Country Club Highlands Historic District
Dear McKownville neighbors: The McKownville Improvement Association and the Guilderland Historical Society are pleased to invite you to join us at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, June 28, for the unveiling of the roadside marker for the McKownville - Country Club Highlands Historic District.
Full details are given in this announcement [a page-size printable pdf]
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

12 June 2023 - Repaving schedule: Norwood, Glenwood, Parkwood and Elmwood Streets
Dear McKownville neighbors: Today I received information from Delaware Engineering that you will find below this note from me.
Please note that the paving of Norwood, Glenwood, Parkwood and Elmwood Streets will be done by American Evergreen or its subcontractor.
The Town Highway Department will repave additional McKownville Streets later this summer.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

The schedule for paving of the roads which have been affected by the McKownville Storm Drain Project is as follows:
Norwood & Glenwood Streets:  Mill and Pave 6/22-6/24
Parkwood & Elmwood Streets:  Mill and Pave 6/27-6/30
This schedule is of course weather dependent.
We ask that the residents of McKownville be as patient as possible during the paving operations as there will undoubtedly be some delays with moving vehicular traffic through these streets while the milling and paving is performed.  If needed, there will be backing up of the asphalt after paving is completed.
Backing up means if there is topsoil or something else that needs to be filled in behind the new asphalt it will be taken care of.
As always, please contact Delaware Engineering with any comments or concerns.
Dale Nunamann 518-231-3050
Biagio DelVillano 518-452-1290, x220

30 May 2023 - Stormwater project: informational documents for property owners
Dear McKownville neighbors: With the construction of the stormwater drainage improvement project now completed, the Town has prepared a letter to homeowners in the project area, and accompanying documents, describing final steps needed to ensure that each property is in compliance with State and Town regulations. These informational packets will be delivered to each home in the affected area by the end of this week.
You may also view and download the document package by clicking on this link.
If you have any questions after reviewing the documents please call the Town of Guilderland Water/Wastewater Department at (518) 456-6474.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

12 May 2023 - McKownville Volunteer Fire Department boot drive on Saturday
Dear McKownville neighbors: I received the following email regarding the McKownville Fire Department boot drive that will take place tomorrow.
Any support you may offer will be appreciated. Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association
Good afternoon neighbors, Please be advised that the McKownville Volunteer Fire Department is planning to hold a boot drive on Saturday, May 13th, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. The boot drive will be held at the intersection of Western Ave (Route 20) and Fuller Road. We hope to see you there!
Your support goes directly towards helping recruit and retain new volunteer members who are needed to sustain the high level of fire service you expect in our community, as well as community events such as open houses, the annual children's Halloween party, and the fire-truck-riding Santa.
Thank you for your continued support of the McKownville Volunteer Fire Department! 
Respectfully, Ben Westerman, Fundraising Committee Co-Chair, McKownville Volunteer Fire Department

25 April 2023 - Reminder - Association meeting on Wednesday, April 26th
Dear McKownville neighbors: This is a reminder that our April meeting will take place this Wednesday at the Hampton Inn, beginning at 7:00 p.m.  Our speakers will include Guilderland Town Supervisor Peter Barber, NYS Assemblymember Patricia Fahy, Guilderland School Superintendent Marie Wiles, and candidates for positions on the school board. The final speakers of the evening will be Biagio DelVillano and Dale Nunamann from Delaware Engineering who will update us on the final phase of the stormwater drainage improvement project.  Finally, to celebrate the completion of the project, Delaware Engineering is providing refreshments for our enjoyment. It will be an interesting and informative evening, and an opportunity to enjoy some refreshments and the company of neighbors.    I hope you will be able to join us.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

24 April 2023 - Fundraiser for Food Pantries of the Capital District
Dear McKownville neighbors: From now through May 1st, the 2023 CANstruction exhibit is on view at Crossgates Mall on the first floor near APEX Entertainment and Burlington. This annual event connects local architects, engineers, contractors, and students throughout our area who build structures out of canned food items. One of our neighbors, Alyssa O'Connor, participated with her Girl Scout troop in building the I Love (Heart) New York wall of cans. 
More information may be found at this site -
At the end of the exhibit all of the cans will be donated to food pantries throughout the Capital Region.
Bring a can of food to donate and vote for your favorite structure!
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

19 April 2023 - McKownville Storm Sewer Project - Milling and Paving schedule - 24-26 April
The end of the Guilderland - McKownville Storm Sewer Project is within sight and we are ready to install pavement at Parkwood, Glenwood, and Norwood Streets where they intersect with Western Avenue. The schedule for this work is as follows:
4-24-2023   Milling at intersections of Parkwood, Glenwood and Norwood Streets.
4-25-2023   Replacement of traffic signal loops at Parkwood and Norwood Streets
4-26-2023   Paving at intersections of Glenwood and Norwood Streets.
We ask that the residents try to keep travel in these areas to a minimum so that the work to restore the intersections can be performed safely and efficiently.
As always please contact us with any comments or concerns and we’ll address them immediately. [Dale Nunamann 518-231-3050]
Biagio DelVillano, Senior Construction Manager, Delaware Engineering

13 April 2023 - Historic District sign and house plaques
Dear McKownville neighbors: If you've walked or driven along Western Avenue since Tuesday afternoon you may have noticed the roadside marker that has been installed in front of 1443 Western Avenue, at the eastern corner of Glenwood Street.
Our thanks are owed to all who have worked on this project over the past several years, and we now extend our particular gratitude to volunteers from the Guilderland Historical Society for their guidance and sponsorship of an application to the William G. Pomeroy Foundation.  As a result, the Pomeroy Foundation provided the sign at no cost to us.  Further information may be found on our website Historic District page.
Additionally, design sponsorship of Historic District House plaques has been completed, and homeowners wishing to obtain one for their property may find further information on this website page.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

12 April 2023 - McKownville Spring Cleanup and Open House at Fire House
Dear McKownville neighbors: In conjunction with Earth week, the McKownville Fire Department and the McKownville Improvement Association are coordinating a Spring Cleanup day on Sunday, April 23rd, beginning at 9:00 a.m.  Volunteers are encouraged to meet at the Firehouse to pick up gear and street assignments. Following the cleanup, volunteers are invited back to the Firehouse for an Open House, cookout, and hands-on demonstrations beginning at 11:00 a.m. Use this link for complete details about this important event.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

27 March 2023 - March 23 Association meeting summary
Dear McKownville neighbors: At last Thursday's meeting Town Supervisor Peter Barber told us that although highway department workers have picked up most of the debris from the recent storms, he expects that crews will come by one more time to pick up remaining branches. It is not necessary to cut up and bundle the storm debris, but branches should not be placed in the roadway.  Once the cleanup from the storms is completed, however, residents must return to cutting and bundling large branches.
Hazardous Household Waste may be dropped off at the Town Highway Department on French's Mill Road on Saturday, April 15, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Please note that paint, stains, and varnish should no longer be dropped off at the highway department.  Instead, a new paint recycling program (PaintCare) provides residents and businesses the opportunity to drop these materials at various locations.  In Guilderland, Sherwin Williams will accept the items, but it is recommended that you call before stopping by.  Further information may be found at this link on the town website.
On April 3rd, DOT will begin work on the new roundabout at the exit from the Northway to Crossgates. From April 3 to April 21 the northbound ramp onto I87 will be closed. Construction is estimated to be completed at the end of July.  Further information about lane closures may be found on the town website:
[pdf file info; pdf file image renderings]
On March 30th, from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m., a local ornithologist will lead a bird walk at the Community Gardens site on Rt. 146.  All are invited. Improvements at the Tawasentha Park Performing Arts Center will be completed in time for the summer season, and the new EMS station on Western Avenue should be open sometime in July.
Work on the Guilderland Comprehensive Plan Update has begun. The March 13 open house at Town Hall was very well attended.  Residents are encouraged to take part in the process, and meetings specifically intended to engage McKownville residents will be scheduled.
Town Planner Ken Kovalchik spoke about a number of projects that are underway in Guilderland, and outlined steps required in the planning process. Unfortunately, a number a proposed projects that would have provided affordable housing for seniors and other residents have been abandoned because grant applications were not approved by the State. At its March 22 meeting, the Planning Board approved the site plan for the Costco development, and it will now go to the Zoning Board of Appeals for further reviews. 
Beginning this week, Delaware Engineering and its subcontractor will be back in McKownville to complete work on the storm water drainage improvement project. Sidewalk and topsoil restorations will be completed. A contractor hired by DOT will complete work at the intersections and on sidewalks in the right-of-ways on Western Avenue. When all construction work is completed,  the Town Highway Department  will repave those streets in the project area that have not yet been done [Norwood, Glenwood, Parkwood, Elmwood].  The Highway Department also plans to repave additional streets in McKownville this year.  When those plans are finalized I will forward the a list of the streets.   
Please note that at the end of this construction season the Town will conduct inspections to ensure that homeowners have disconnected sump pumps from sanitary lines in their basements. 
Homeowners within the Country Club Highlands historic district will soon have the opportunity to purchases plaques to place on their homes.  Further information will be available soon.  We currently have $1,288 in our treasury. Many thanks to those made donations over the past several months!
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

15 March 2023 - Special Use Permit and Site Plan Review for Proposed Costco site
Dear McKownville neighbors: Town Planner Ken Kovalchik emailed me this link to a page on the Town's website regarding the proposed Costco development
Because the proposed development has generated a great deal of interest, Mr. Kovalchik asked me to share this information with McKownville residents.
A Site Plan Review Associated With a Request for a Special Use Permit is on the agenda for the March 22 meeting of the Planning Board.
Here is a link to the meeting agenda
The public is invited to attend the meeting at Town Hall or to view it on Verizon channel 34, Spectrum channel 1303, or through a link on the Town website.
As it happens, Mr. Kovalchik is on the agenda to speak at the March 23 meeting of the McKownville Improvement Association and he will be glad to answer questions on the Costco project, and other matters involving the Planning Department. Meeting flyers will be delivered to your homes over the next several days.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

8March 2023 - McKownville stormwater drain project FAQ
Dear McKownville neighbors: An updated FAQ on the storm drain construction project has been provided by the Town and Delaware Engineering, which includes this summary of the work that remains to be done, to be finished this Spring 2023.
All of the piping installations are complete with the exception of a couple of yard drains. The work remaining consists of those yard drains, installation of concrete sidewalk panels where temporary asphalt was placed for the winter, asphalt restorations, and lawn restorations. Some of the asphalt restorations that will need to be completed are within the NYSDOT right-of-way, at the intersections of Parkwood, Glenwood, and Norwood Streets. We ask for your patience when these restorations are completed as this work will tie up these intersections for a few days. Traffic will be handled as efficiently as possible but this is not to say there won’t be delays in getting through.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

8 March 2023 - Little Sprouts Garden Program
Younger residents and their guardians might enjoy participating in the Little Sprouts Garden Adventure offered by Albany County Cornell Cooperative Extension in Voorheesville. The program was specifically created for 3 & 4 year olds.  It will be held on Tuesday mornings beginning on April 18 and ending on May 23, 2023. For further information please send an email to: []
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

7 March 2023 - Town Comprehensive Plan Update
Dear McKownville neighbors: The Town of Guilderland is embarking on the process of updating its 2001 Comprehensive Plan, and all residents are invited to take part. The first opportunity for public engagement will take place at Town Hall on Monday, March 13, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.  The Open House and Visioning Workshop will include maps, blueprints, interactive stations, and an opportunity to fill out a community survey.  This will be an informal event, and participants are encouraged to come and go as they please. More information about the Comprehensive Plan Update may be found at this link.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

18 January 2023 - Winter parking restrictions on Town streets
Dear McKownville neighbors: Please be aware that the Guilderland Police have distributed notices reminding residents that parking on Town streets is prohibited between 2:00 AM to 7:00 AM, from  November 1 through March 31. This reminder is posted here on the Town website.
Compliance with this policy is important in assisting highway crews with snow removal, and to ensure the safe passage of school buses and emergency vehicles along our streets, and violators are at risk of having their vehicles towed.
Please be sure to park your vehicles off street for the next few months.
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

11 January 2023 - Spring 2023 meeting dates
Dear McKownville neighbors: Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2023!
Our spring meetings have been set for the following dates:
Thursday, March 23, Wednesday, April 19, Thursday, May 25
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association


15 February 2022 - Plant McKownville
Plant McKownville LogoDear McKownville neighbors: Our neighborhood holds many attractions: lovely homes in a convenient location, agreeable neighbors, and access to excellent schools. In addition to these features, many of us were drawn here by streets lined with mature trees that provide cooling shade during the summer months and year-round beauty.  Over the years, though, we have lost many of our trees through the aging process, and others due to a variety of adverse conditions. 
With the goal of preserving and enhancing the beauty of our streetscape, a resident volunteer has compiled lists of trees and shrubs that can thrive in our neighborhood.  You may view these lists and a wealth of accompanying information by clicking on this link.
We hope that you'll find these materials interesting, and that you'll consider planting a new tree this year.  If you already have a healthy tree (or two) on the street lawn in front of your house perhaps you'll be intrigued by the thought of planting a new tree or shrub in your yard that will attract birds and pollinators.  Native plants are especially important because they are hosts to so many pollinators that are vital in supporting a healthy ecosystem. Spring is season of renewal, and an excellent time for planting a tree or shrub that can enjoyed now and by future residents of McKownville.  We're just at the start of what we expect to be a long-term new project for the McKownville Improvement Association and, we hope, for the neighborhood as a whole. You may count on hearing more from us on this subject over the coming months!     
Ellen Manning, President, McKownville Improvement Association

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