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  Fall 2020 Meetings

Online meeting: Thursday, November 19, 7.00pm
The November online meeting of the McKownville Improvement Association took place November 19, beginning at 7:00 p.m.
[Meeting annnouncement flyer - pdf file]
Jordan Carleo-Evangelist and Luke Rumsey, both representatives of the University at Albany, spoke to us on a variety of topics, including how the campus community is continuing to function during the pandemic, as well as matters that might affect McKownville neighbors.
Town Supervisor Peter Barber spoke on Town topics, particularly the contribution of the EMS Department.
Michael DiAcetis, representing National Grid, updated us on the gas line installation project, now expected to commence in December.
Biagio DelVillano from Delaware Engineering spoke on the present status and future of the water/drainage improvement project.
Martha Harausz as McKownville Improvement Association Treasurer informed us on the Association's finances and budget.
Questions from meeting participants were answered by each of the speakers.

Online meeting October 15
The October online meeting of the McKownville Improvement Association ran directly into technical difficulties.
Speakers were rescheduled to the November meeting.
[Meeting annnouncement flyer - pdf file]
Online meeting September 10
  An online meeting of the McKownville Improvement Association took place September 10, beginning at 7:00 p.m.
[Meeting annnouncement flyer - pdf fileA summary of the meeting is available in the 2020 email announcements page
Peter Barber, Town Supervisor, spoke first, including on access to Town Hall and services there, and the hazardous waste disposal day next week.
Michelle Hinchey, who is running for the NYS Senate seat that will be vacated by Senator George Amedore at the end of the year, introduced herself and answered questions from the audience. Ms. Hinchey's opponent, Rich Amedure, was invited as well, and we hope he will join us at a future meeting.
A private developer has an interest in building student housing on the former TraveLodge/Dunkin' Donuts site on Western Avenue. The proposed plan was presented at this meeting. A brochure about the developer [6MB pdf file] has been provided by Hershberg & Hershberg, consulting engineers and surveyors for this project. This marketing brochure is included for informational purposes only; the representative of the developers has also provided us with a summary description of the proposed project as presented at the online meeting.
Biagio Del Villano from Delaware Engineering updated us on the drainage improvement project.

  Spring 2020 Meeting

Online Virtual Meeting Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 7:00 pm. [Meeting annnouncement flyer - pdf file]
Thanks to Delaware Engineering for hosting the meeting.
Speakers were Peter Barber (Town Supervisor), Biagio DelVillano (Delaware Engineering), and Michael DiAcetis and Michael Bates (National Grid).
A summary of the meeting is available in the 2020 email announcements page

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