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next Association meeting: Thursday, October 26th

McKownville IA Officers and Board Members 2023-24

Ellen Manning, President, 3 Norwood St., 518-482-3779
Doug Smith, Vice President, 5 McKown Rd., 518-482-6081
Laura Barry, Secretary, 3 Waverly Place, 518-813-9694
Martha Harausz, Treasurer, 1445 Western Ave., 518-489-3855
William Kidd, 16 Elmwood St
Angie Parsons, 136 Arcadia Ave
Renee Parsons,
5 Waverly Place
Don Reeb, 5 Norwood St
Debra Trees, 8 Ayre Dr
Jim White, 8 Brookwood Ave
Wes Yang, 311 Ridgewood Circle

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