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  Jan Hendrickse van Bael biographical summary, and sources

 Jan Hendrickse van Bael [links in this biographical summary are to source items listed in the section below]
Birth year unknown; likely before 1637, because must have been at least 21 yr old to be able legally to bid for and purchase a house in Beverwyck 1658. Probably born in Holland, but no birth or baptism records found online.
1657 - Arrived in North America.
         - employs two, or perhaps three tailor's assistants/apprentices
1658 - Buys a house in Beverwyck, at dutch-type auction; deed executed, full payment made, by August 1659.
            Described as "burgher and inhabitant" in the 1659 deed; and as "trader here" in 1661 notarised document.
            A court document of 1672 also suggests he was a tailor.

1660, April 1 - about to travel (back) from Holland to New Netherland instructed to look after plants in tub shipped by Jan Baptist van Rensselaer;
1661, September 14 - said to be "proposing to depart for Holland".
          So appears to have made at least one and perhaps two voyages back to Holland and return to New Netherland between August 1659 and March 1663.
          Possibly he served as a supercargo (cargo supervisor and watchman) on the ships for the van Rensselaers?

1664 March - nominated and (1664 April) appointed magistrate (commis) for Fort Orange;
          served a two and a half year term to October 1666, continued through the English takeover of New York in autumn of 1664.

1664 August - buys another house in Beverwyck

1666/1667 - married Helena Teller, recent widow of Cornelis Bogardus. Helena was 21 yrs old in 1666.
                    children: Henry (Hendrick) - b. 1668; Hannah - b. 1669; Margaret - b. 1672; Maria - b. 1674
                    Helena - b. 1676 or early 1677, baptised 1677-02-21 in Amsterdam, Holland (Wester Kerk)
                    Rachael - b. 1680, baptised 1680-06-05 in Amsterdam, Holland (Nieue Kerk)

1667 April - sells the house in Beverwyck/Albany that he bought in 1658

1670 October - nominated and appointed magistrate (commis) for Albany, Rensselaerswyck and Schenectady; served a two year term to November 1672.

1671 June - deeded a house in Amsterdam, Holland, by his brother Cornelis

1672 July - purchases large area of land in the Normanskill valley from Mohawks

1672 August - obtains confirmation from Governor Lovelace of Patent for land in the Normanskill valley

1670?-1674  commissioned officer "Cornet" in Jeremias van Rensselaer's troop; member of the Council of War 24 May 1672;
                     invited attendee at the funeral of Jeremias van Rensselaer 17 October 1674.

1674 December -  buys house in Albany from his wife's father (Willem Teller); sells Normanskill valley "Van Bael Patent" (reserving 4 morgens).

1676, May, and September - sells (by attorneys) two houses in Albany

Departed for Amsterdam, Holland probably not later than September 1676; may have left Albany in summer/fall 1675, because he gave power of attorney to Jan Janse Bleeker and Jacob Sanderse Glenn in July 1675

1681 March 26 - Buried from the Wester Kerk in Amsterdam, Holland
                            (Wester Kerk website page of the burials in the kerk does not include him, but he is in the register of deaths for March 1681)

1682 August - widow Helena and children returned to New York from Holland.

Source information for Jan Hendrickse van Bael 1658-1682
The birth date of Jan Hendrickse van Bael is not known.
Several family trees in [ancestry dot com] claim there is a birth/baptism record of date 1636-01-21 for this person. This record gives the father's name as Cornelis Adriaensz van Baalen, so it cannot be the correct record; the father's name of Jan Hendrickse must have been Hendrick van Bael(en).

Jan Hendrickse van Bael had a brother, Cornelis Hendrickse van Bael; there is a Dutch deed made in 1671 naming Cornelis selling to Jan a house in Holland.
[this could be the brother referred to by Jan Baptist van Rensselaer in a letter of 7 September 1660 - p. 234 in Letters of Jeremias van Rensselaer]

1657 - There is an index record for his arrival in North America, listed in [ancestry dot com], but the source document is not directly accessible online.
            [the reference is contained somewhere in The American Genealogist, Vol. 29:2 (Apr. 1953), pp. 65-76; vol. 29:3 (July 1953), pp. 146-152.]

1657 - employs two persons listed as having occupation "tailor" and "apprentice tailor"
Random notes concerning settlers of Dutch descent; pp. 128-134 by William J. Hoffman; in New World Immigrants, Michael Tepper (ed.) Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1980. [Internet Archive online library]
note this list also contains a third person employed by van Bael with the year given 1653; as this document is a typed compilation from a much older transcription (De Roever Notes), a transcription/typographical error seems possible.

1658-07-22 "...On the aforesaid conditions, by decreasing bids, Jan Hendricksz van Bael remained the last bidder on the house of Ulderick Kleyn for the sum of seven hundred and nine guilders,..."
pages 51-2 in Early Records of the City and County of Albany v4 (mortgages 1658–60)

1658-07-22 "...Conditions [of sale] of the goods of Jan de Groot..... A coat of Jan Hendericksen van Bael on the above conditions..."
page 54 in Early Records of the City and County of Albany v4 (mortgages 1658–60)

1659-08-02 "Jan Hendericks Van Bael also burgher and inhabitant of the aforesaid village"
purchase of "house and lot lying in the village of Beverwyck bounding to the south on Symon Groot, to the north Ryer Elbertse, east and west the cart road, breadth four rods, and length eight rods" from Ulderick Kleyn
page 268-9 in Albany County Records, Munsells Collections v4.

1660-04-01 In letter from Jan Baptist Van Rensselaer, April 1, [1660] (in Holland, to his brother Jeremias in New Netherland)
"What is in the aforesaid box and tub for you I present to you and [beg you] to accept as a favor. Jan Hendricksz Baal will keep an eye on the tub and see to it that in due time the [plants] be put into the ground."
page 208 Letters of Jeremias van Rensselaer.

1661-09-14 "On this day, the 14th of September 1661, appeared before me, Dirck van Schelluyne, notary public, and before the afternamed witnesses, Mr Jan Hendrickxsz van Bael, trader here, proposing to depart for Holland...."
page 115-6 in Early Records of the City and County of Albany v3.
Notarial Papers 1 and 2 , 1660–1696

1661-10-17 Letter to Jan Baptist Van Rensselaer 17th of October 1661, [written] in [New] Amsterdam in New Netherland
"In the ship St Jan Baptist, Jan Bergen, master, I shipped and consigned to you a case with beavers, marked as in the margin, which contains for your account 151 whole beavers and 2 half-beavers, which I received as you will see from the account. In the case, at the top, down to the paper, lie the beavers which I received and send over; then, down to the other paper, follow 48 whole beavers from van Bael, which the arbitrators accepted, as he offered me still worse ones;...."
page 270-71 Letters of Jeremias van Rensselaer.

1663-03-22 "On this day, the 22nd of March 1663, Roeloff Williamze acknowledged that he was well and truly indebted to Jan Hendrickxsz van Bael in the sum of one hundred and fifty two guilders growing out of the matter of house rent and merchandise received..."
page 215 in Early Records of the City and County of Albany v3.
Notarial Papers 1 and 2 , 1660–1696

original dutch manuscript minute page 1664-03-24thumbnail image 1664-04 van Bael appointment document
[left] 1664-03-24 Nomination of magistrates for Fort Orange. Includes Jan Hendrickse Van Bael
New York State Archives New York (Colony). Council. Dutch colonial administrative correspondence, 1646-1664.
Series A1810-78. Volume 15. NYSA A1810-78 V15 0115 
[right] 1664-04-03 Appointment of magistrates for Fort Orange. Includes Jan Hendrickse Van Bael
New York State Archives. New Netherland Council. Dutch colonial council minutes, 1638-1665. Series A1809. Volume 10.
Series A1809-78  NYSA_A1809-78_V10_pt3_0140

1664-05-14 first listing of "Jan Henderickse Van Bael" as commissary (magistrate); testimony of four natives ("Indians") as to ownership of Schotack Island
page 353 in Albany County Records, Munsells Collections v4.

1664-04-19 Willem Teller pledges to pay matrimonial inheritance of his deceased wife to their seven children, naming them and giving their ages, including Helena, 19 years .....and Willem, 7 years.
page 345-6 in Albany County Records, Munsells Collections v4.

1664-08-18 "Jan Hendrickse Van Bael commissary etc." purchase of "house and lot lying in the village of Beverwyck on the Hill, adjoining to the north Jan Tomassen, to the south Hendrick Kuyler, east and west the highway, of such magnitude as it is enclosed in fence, which lot the grantor bought at public sale of the Heeren commissaries under an execution made on the person of Marten Gerritse [Van Bergen]"..... sold to Van Bael for "the sum of eight hundred and seventy-six guilders in beavers"
page 358 in Albany County Records, Munsells Collections v4.

1665-10-19/9 "We, the undersigned, Gerard Swart (Schout) and Jan Van Bael, commissary of Albany, colony Rensselaerwyck and Schanechtede, testify and declare, that on the date underwritten, Cobus Janssen and Mr. Jan Verbeeck, appeared before us, Cobus Janssen acknowledging that he has granted and transferred, and in true rights, ownership made over, and Jan Verbeeck holding the power of Frans Barentse Pastoor, that he has accepted, the grantor’s certain lot and house, with what is therein fast by earth and nailed, in Albany aforesaid, ...."
page 394-5 in Albany County Records, Munsells Collections v4. [1664 change of town name to Albany after English takeover; Dutch magistrates continue]

1665-12-09 signs as co-administrator with R.Van Rensselaer in sales of estate of Rutger Jacobsen; and buys two small items
page 134-6 and 136-7 in Fort Orange Records 1656-1678  [outline transcript]

1666-09-08 (new calendar) last entry of Jan Van Bael as commissary in the 1664-66 interval
page 405-6 in Albany County Records, Munsells Collections v4.

1666-09-14/4 sale of house and personal effects, and garden of the late Cornelius Bogardus#
page 140-4 in Fort Orange Records 1656-1678 
# Helena Teller's first husband. She then married Jan Hendrickse Van Bael
Marriage date is not known because such records of the Dutch church in Albany before 1683 are not preserved

1667-04-25/15 "Mr. Jan Hendrickse Van Bael, old commissary of this jurisdiction" sells "house and lot which was received by him by purchase at public sale, from Uldrich Cleyn, of date the 22d of July, 1658" to Gerrit Lansingh
page 413-4 in Albany County Records, Munsells Collections v4.

1667-07-16/6 "Jacques Cornelisse Van Slyck, dwelling at Schanectade, who acknowledges that he is well and truly indebted to Mr. Jan Hendrickse Van Bael, old commissary, in the sum of four hundred and fifty-five guilders and six stuivers, growing out of goods to his content received ...."
page 423-4 in Albany County Records, Munsells Collections v4.

1668 - birth of first child Hendrick/Henry; birth dates for the first four children are from a family tree [in ancestry dot com] whose source for these dates is not specified.

1670-10-06 "....the retiring magistrates, Mr Jan Verbeeck and Mr Abraham Staes, are hereby discharged from their oath and office and thanked for their services and in their places are admitted and confirmed in court the new magistrates, Mr Goossen Gerrittz and Mr Jan van Bael, together with Theunis Cornelisz van der Poel..."
pages 186-7 in Albany, Rensselaerswyck and Schenectady Court Minutes, (v.1), 1668—1673

1670-10-08 first listing in second interval as commissary "in the presence of the honorable Heeren commissaries, etc., Mr Philip Schuyler and Mr. Jan Van Bael...."
page 472 in Albany County Records, Munsells Collections v4.

1671-06-01 Deed to house and garden/field in Holland (Rokin*); from Cornelis Hendrickse van Bael to Jan Hendrickse van Bael
*a street in Amsterdam, according to a note in Letters of Jeremias van Rensselaer, p. 465; this street still extant

1672-05-24 "Present: .....Cornet Jan Heyndricsz van Balen....."
Order of the council of war......
page 324 in Early Records of the City and County of Albany v3.
Notarial Papers 1 and 2 , 1660–1696
1672-07-18/29 purchases large area of land in the Normanskill valley from Mohawks
*[transcript] manuscript deed and map  
*transcript and map from manuscript (2019) by Dennis Sullivan 

1672-08-21 obtains Letters Patent to land along the Normans Kill from Governor-General Francis Lovelace;
Albany County Hall of Records, Deed book 5, pages 438-9  [transcript]

1672-09-17 last listing in second interval as commissary "On this 17th day of September, 1672, appeared before me, Ludovicus Cobes, secretary of Albany, etc., in the presence of the Heeren commissaries, Jan H. Van Bael and G. Van Slichtenhorst, ....."
page 508 in Albany County Records, Munsells Collections v4.

1672-10-10 ".... On Monday, the 7th of October last past, the honorable magistrates van Bael, Goossen Gerritsz and Jacob Schermerhorn proceeded to the Lutheran church and fence and upon the complaint of Mr Philip Schuyler inspected there the work done by them in extending the gate.........It happening afterwards that some of the magistrates again passed there, the Lutherans asked their honors whether they should not proceed with their work? Whereupon their honors answered: Yes, but not further than they were ordered to go. Whereupon Jocchum, the baker, especially, commenced to fulminate, saying: Have you no better memory? Here are Meyndert, the smith, and Hans Hendricxz. They are more trustworthy than you people are and it would have been better if you had remained on your tailor’s table, meaning van Bael’s.......The honorable court, considering the vilification and contempt which their honors heretofore have more than once suffered from the parties, from which further impudence arises and proceeds, which is insufferable to all right thinking persons and which in view of their honors’ prerogative is not to be tolerated; therefore, their honors condemn him, Jocchum, the baker, first, to pay Sergeant Parcker fl.25 in seawan for the crime committed in calling him a liar...."
pages 313- 315 in Albany, Rensselaerswyck and Schenectady Court Minutes, (v.1), 1668—1673

1672-11-04 " the stead of Goossen Gerrittsz and Mr van Bael, retiring magistrates, the latter are hereby released from their oath and duties and thanked for their services, and in their place are in­stalled and confirmed by the court as new magistrates the persons of: Adriaen Gerritsz, Andries Teller......"
page 317 in Albany, Rensselaerswyck and Schenectady Court Minutes, (v.1), 1668—1673

1674-10-17 list of those who are invited to the interment of Jeremiah van Rensselaer
List 1 includes Cornet Jan. H: van Bael

1674-12-15 buys house and lot located here in Albany at the hill from Willem Teller (father of his wife Helena)
page 163-4 in Fort Orange Records 1656-1678

1674-12-21 sells (by attorneys) all his Normans Kill patent, except reserving for himself 4 morgens of bouw (arable) land, to Jan Albertse Bratt and Hendrick Willemse
page 184-6 in Early Records of the City and County of Albany v.2  

1675-07-22 gives power of attorney to "the worthy Mr Jan Janse Bleeker and Jacob Sanderse Glenn, in capacity of attorneys of Mr Jan Hendrix van Bael Sr." [but not recorded at that time, or later; appears to have been accepted by the court in 1683]
page 184-6 in Early Records of the City and County of Albany v.2 

1676-05-26 sells (by attorneys) house and lot in Albany at the hill to Timotheus Cooper; patent from the right honorable lord Governor General R. Nicholls, dated the 30th of April 1667 [this is the one he bought in 1664]
page 192-3 in Fort Orange Records 1656-1678 

1676-09-22 sells (by attorneys) house and lot in Albany at the hill to Gerrit Hardenbergh; patent granted him, van Bael, by the most honorable lord Gov. Gen. Francis Lovelace dated the 13th of August 1669 [this is not the one he bought in 1674, but was near it]
page 215-6 in Fort Orange Records 1656-1678 

1677-02-21 baptism record for daughter Helena, Westerkerk, Amsterdam, Holland

1678-02-25 sells (by attorneys) lot outside the town of Albany, by the gate where the town hall stands to Paulus Martense; patent granted to Van Bael by the former Governor General Rich. Nicolls dated the 30th of April 1667
page 257 in Fort Orange Records 1656-1678 

1680-06-05 baptism record for daughter Rachel, Nieue Kerk, Amsterdam, Holland

1681-03-26 burial record for Jan Hendrickse van Bael, Wester Kerk in Amsterdam, Holland

1681-06-07 "After deliberation it is resolved and decided to write to the venerable Classis of Amsterdam for a good, orthodox minister for the congregation of the Reformed church here..... As to the money voluntarily contributed by the congre­gation for his passage.... resolved and decided to consign the same to Mr Jan Hendrikse van Baell, Mr Rich. van Renselaer and Mr Abell de Wolff, who are to have the disposal thereof for the aforesaid good purpose and who at the same time are to notify the Classis* that a salary of fl. 800 in beavers has been appropriated..."
page 129-130  Albany, Rensselaerswyck and Schenectady Court Minutes, (v.3) 1680-1685
[Ordinary session held in Albany June 7, 1681]
*van Bael must have departed for Holland at the latest in fall 1676. Richard van Rensselaer returned to Holland in October 1670, and remained there subsequently. In April 1680, Abel de Wolf wrote from Holland to Stephanus van Cortland; de Wolf is recorded godfather to Van Bael's child Helena in the Westerkerk baptism record of February 1677; there is no evidence Abel de Wolf was ever in N. America. The letter and the money must have been taken to Holland by some other person.
Richard van R. wrote to Maria van R. April 22 1682 discussing the charge to him and Abel de Wolf to find a second minister, with no mention of Van Bael. 
Jan Hendrickse van Bael had in fact already died, in Holland (burial record link above), before the Albany Court resolution was made.

1682-08-15 "Skipper Jan Gorter duly arrived here, together with Domine Selyns and his wife and the widow Baalen§ and children and Wm. Teller."
Correspondence of Maria Van Rensselaer, 1669-1689; page 75, letter from John Darvall (brother-in-law to Maria van Rensselaer) N: Yorke, August 15, 1682
§Helena Teller, widow of Jan Hendricksen van Bael. Willem Teller, her younger brother.
On September 26, 1683, she married in the Dutch church at New York, Francois Rombouts, former mayor of New York 1679-80, and widower of Anna Elizabeth Masschot.

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