McKownville Improvement Association
- plaques for the contributing houses of the 1912 Country Club Highlands subdivision Historic District

Houses in Historic Districts customarily may display a plaque on the facade, giving some information about the house. The building date is commonly prominent, and the name of the house based on the name(s) of the first owner(s) may be included. The sponsoring organization, or the name of the Historic District may also be shown. Some may include an indication of the profession, or some distinctive achievement, of the first or an early occupant.
Here are examples from the City of Albany, where the Historic Albany Foundation has sponsored a house plaque program.
Historic Albany house
      plaqueHistoric Albany house
      plaqueHistoric Albany house plaque

The McKownville Improvement Association is sponsoring a house plaque program for the McKownville - Country Club Highlands Historic District. The plaque design is shown below, based on the more recent Historic Albany example.
Sponsorship is just for the design, and coordinating the orders; this would reduce by 15% the price charged by the manufacturer to an individual homeowner who wishes to install one.
For the 7" by 5½" design shown below, a recently quoted price would be $203 in bronze, or ~$164 in aluminium.
Shown adjacent is a photo of an actual plaque to this design, in aluminium, obtained recently for 16 Elmwood Street.
house plaque
        draft design McKownville CCHaluminium house
        plaque - 16 Elmwood example
If interested, please email the Association [] giving your name and street address of the contributing historic district house; we will respond with details of how and where to order.
The design requires some abbreviation of the Historic District title, because a minimum lettering height (¼inch) is required for the text to be legible from the casting process.  
The design above is linked to a letter-size pdf page which will show the plaque at full size when printed (click on the image). Or you can just print the one for your house as all are provided on the same size page; find it through the link to the street it faces, below.

Differently colored backgrounds are possible.
house plaque
      draft design McKownville CCH - grey groundhouse plaque draft
      design McKownville CCH - blue groundxx
Sets of images using the design for plaques for each of the contributing houses in the McKownville - Country Club Highlands Historic District are shown on these pages:
Western Avenue | Waverly Place | Norwood Street | Glenwood Street | Parkwood Street | Elmwood Street

A list of the occupancy and date information used to make these designs
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